Astounded & Amazed

Silenced by God’s wondrous grace.

As I wrote last,  I’ve been facing a financial crisis.  My transition from one job to another hit a delay — in fact,  I’m still waiting to hear that I am able to start. I’m still facing not having a paycheck until December first.


I have dealt with both confidence and fear as I wonder how this will work out. Looking for the miraculous rescue… And the story of the man on the roof in a flood came to mind.  The man who turned away 3 practical demonstrations of aid because he was waiting for God to save him. When he succumbed to the flood,  he challenged God saying “I trusted you to save me!”  God replied “I sent help three times,  what more do you want?”


In my own case,  God’s assistance has been both eminently practical and divinely compassionate.

  • My second job at the winery has given me extra shifts as I wait for my primary to start.
  • Calls to my creditors have resulted in deferred payments with enough time to get my feet under me.
  • My church has come together to offer me funds toward gas and groceries

And then when the winery ran out of extra shifts for me,  it coincided perfectly with the onset of what may be the flu.

In short,  I remain Speechless: grateful and blessed by the provision of God and the Church.

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