Grace Greater…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and my life has gone really rather topsy turvy in the interim.  My marriage ended.  It had been in a death spiral for a few years and finally hit the nadir.  The details are ugly and unimportant.  Suffice to say, I think we are both  better off and healthier away from one another.

My Chloe (usually known as Little Bit to my readers and whom you see gazing at you from the top of this page) succumbed to cancer this past summer.   One day she was right as rain but then the repeated bouts of pancreatitis started and then a lump appeared on her jaw.  It interfered greatly with her enjoyment of Red Ball.  Eventually the flights of stairs to the walk up apartment she, StealthDog, and I shared became horribly difficult.  Listlessness and incontinence followed.  Finally we had to say goodbye.

StealthDog and I are adapting as best we can.  He’s figured out leash walking…sort of.

I’ve had the chance to do a little free lance writing and am hoping to keep with it.  I also hope to work on this and my wine blog more often.  I’m reading some of the theology books I’ve been holding for years.  My life isn’t as fancy and flashy as it once was.  But I’m finding myself again.  This should be a wonderful adventure.


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